How Coaching Others Will Make You A Better Leader

Being a great leader isn't just about being really good at your job. It's about ensuring that those who you lead are satisfied, challenged, and successful in their roles. Job satisfaction in the workplace directly impacts the overall success of a company, and happy employees who stay, stem from leaders who invest in their people.

“Leaders grow to be great when they cultivate an environment that encourages others to grow to be great.” -Bob MacDonald

Coaching others can be challenging. You have your own tasks to accomplish, and allocating your time to uplifting others can take away from your own agenda. But guiding others to succeed in a way that is not self-serving, will make you a better leader. Here are some ways that coaching others will help you in the long-run:

Ask questions – this will guide others towards success. Asking questions as opposed to telling others how things should be done is a great way to help foster professional growth in others. Creating a framework for self-discovery allows your team to develop new skills somewhat organically, and allows them to feel challenged in their role.

Share knowledge and resources – this will help you to work more efficiently. There is much to gain from sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. Educating your team about your area of expertise will make them feel trusted, eager to learn new skills, and take on new responsibilities. Creating and surrounding yourself with a team of experts will result in the ability to work more efficiently, with extra help readily available when needed.

Take the time to acknowledge wins – this will keep your team happy. Being a good leader isn't just about celebrating your own successes, it's about recognizing the efforts and hard work of your team. Making them feel good about their work and giving them the recognition they desire will keep your team happy, and a happy team is a team that thrives.

Leadership isn't just about helping yourself to rise to the top, it's about guiding others towards success as well, and a leader who guides wholeheartedly is a leader who wins.

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