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Lisa's books and programs have helped 1,000's of people become better leaders. They're straight-shooting, practical, and rooted in neuroleadership and coaching principles. Unlock your leaders' potential by bringing these proven tools to your organization.

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License any program and receive personalized training from Lisa, plus all the materials you need to deliver the program to your people. Or, have Lisa deliver the program for you.

Do your people need to leverage their leadership with coaching skills?


COACHING FUNDAMENTALS is a 3-hour session that helps leaders use fundamental coaching skills to increase their impact by improving their team’s results.

The content supports leaders to empower those they lead to grow and succeed. Using a blended learning approach combining theory, experiential education and coaching, this session is interactive, practical and creates sustained behavior change. Coaching Fundamentals comes with: ✓ Online Self Assessment ✓ Participant Worksheets ✓ Workshop Agenda ✓ Workshop Script ✓ PowerPoint Decks ✓ Pre-work Assignment

Does your organization want to cultivate talented women?


COACHING FOR FEMALE LEADERS offers on-demand, digital leadership training.

This digital platform provides your female leaders with exclusive on-demand access to Lisa's assessments, books, recorded webinars, podcasts, and online courses all designed to support women leading teams and organizations.

Do you want to retain and advance your female leaders?


PROMOTEHER is a live, virtually delivered 90-Day program for cohorts of women leaders.

The program has women leaders, in either intact teams or cross-functional groups and their direct leaders, coached by Lisa, and PromoteHer co-founder Jennifer Deane. It features assessment, education, and a culture project. Unique to PromoteHer is the focus on improving the extent to which women and their direct leaders are aligned on her readiness for promotion.

Do your managers need foundational leadership skills?


LEAD offers pragmatic skills to help individuals rise to the challenges and opportunities they face in the workplace.

Participants become more self-aware and learn how to continually make their performance and their organization’s performance shine. LEAD comes with: ✓ Online 360 Assessment ✓ Participant Workbook ✓ Workshop Agendas ✓ Workshop Scripts ✓ Program Book ✓ Teacher’s Manual ✓ PowerPoint Decks ✓ Posters ✓ Homework Assignments The flexible learning modules can be delivered as lunch & learns or workshops over days, weeks or months. Customization options are also available for organizations with specific needs. * Ideal for all levels of employees

Do you need to groom leaders for executive roles?


LEAD ADVANCED helps people transition their capacity and skills to an executive level.

It offers pragmatic tools and advanced people skills to apply in every day situations and a bigger, broader perspective on what it means to be leader. LEAD ADVANCED comes with: ✓ Online 360 Assessment ✓ Participant Workbook ✓ Workshop Agendas ✓ Workshop Scripts ✓ Program Book ✓ Teacher’s Manual ✓ PowerPoint Decks ✓ Posters ✓ Homework Assignments The flexible learning modules can be delivered as lunch & learns or workshops over days, weeks or months. Customization options are also available for organizations with specific needs. * Ideal for mid- and senior-level leaders

Learn to Lead Better With Lisa's Books

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LEAD: 6 Skills to Be a RockStar Leader


It takes more than just smarts and raw talent to excel as a leader. This handbook features the RockStar Leader philosophy and a series of punchy, straight-shooting advice articles on how to be the kind of leader who makes your and your organization’s performance shine.

"Essential to Reaching Your Full Potential"

This book allowed me to quickly assess myself against 6 core skills that are essential to leadership and self-actualization. Not only are these skills necessary to reach your career aspirations, but they are essential to reaching your full professional and personal potential.

- Tracey Arnish, Senior Vice President, Talent, SAP

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LEAD ADVANCED: 6 Skills to Be The Ultimate Executive

Management experience alone doesn’t make you an exceptional executive. This handbook features the Ultimate Executive philosophy and a series of pragmatic advice articles to help you step into a strategic role that requires big picture thinking, advance people skills, and an ability to meet big demands without burning out.

"Easy Summary of Core Leadership Skills"

Lisa presents an easy summary of core leadership skills that can serve as an introduction for people new to leadership or an easy reminder for more senior leaders. Lead Advanced is a practical quick summary of the core skills all leaders need to master.

- Mara Nickerson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Osler

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Briefcase Moms: 10 Proven Practices to Balance

This best-selling book has helped thousands of high-achieving women achieve harmony between career and life. Briefcase Moms is a self-coaching book featuring practical working mother advice. It’s a complete program of self-discovery and intentional change, providing a roadmap and tools to your unique leadership and life harmony.

"I love this book!"

Thank you! I love this book so much that I will be getting further copies for new moms with whom I work. What a great product!

- Julianne Sylva, Deputy District Attorney, County of Santa Clara

LEAD + LIVE: 6 Practices to Live Bigger

Living bigger requires rising above your limitations and rethinking your approach to leadership and life. This handbook features the Live Bigger philosophy and a series of punchy and practical advice articles. It helps you understand yourself at a far deeper level, so you can live up to your full potential at work, home, and in your community.

"Hands-on Framework to Live a More Meaningful Life"

Lisa’s guide provides a hands-on framework for those of us who want to live a more meaningful, fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

- Robin Taub, Author of A Parent’s Guide to Raising Money-Smart Kids

For Bulk Purchases, Contact Lisa
For Bulk Purchases, Contact Lisa

LEAD + LIVE ADVANCED: 6 Practices to Master the Art of Thriving

You need advanced life skills to lead and live to your greatest potential. Using the most current thinking in positive psychology, this digital handbook features the Art of Thriving philosophy and a series of straight-shooting, pragmatic advice articles. This handbook will expand your thinking on what’s possible so you can make your biggest career and life goals a reality. Go beyond just living to thriving.

"Vital Skills for All of Us"

This is a must-read for those in the work world who are working hard yet suspecting there is more to life. Lisa masterfully walks through some easy lessons for all of us to make our lives filled with purpose, value, and soulfulness. These skills are vital for all of us.

- Shannon MacDonald, Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte

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I had the pleasure of engaging Lisa for a Board leadership strengths session with IABC/BC. The workshop was highly relevant, incredibly useful, and put us on a solid path for the year. In general, Lisa has deep expertise in the area of leadership and has a talent for building and packaging leadership concepts so they are digestible and doable. Her books are packed full of insightful and practical information. She's also highly articulate, engaging, and personable.

Catherine Ducharme

Recruitment Consultant

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