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The Hybrid Workplace Presents An Opportunity For Growth

Are you ready to adapt to a hybrid workplace?

It’s no secret that the working world is changing more quickly than ever before.

The problem, from my vantage point, is that leadership isn’t evolving at the same pace.

Businesses across every sector were forced to adapt to a remote workforce. Leaders struggled to maintain their culture, meet objectives, achieve sales targets, launch new products...

They were also mindful of the stress and insecurity that came with the pandemic.

How did you manage as a leader?

Did you dig in...or did you adapt?

Many leaders are stuck in their old ways of delegating, communicating, and leading.

Miscommunication, confusion, frustration, and burnout are now synonymous with leaders trying to make their way while juggling working from home and adapting to rapidly advancing technology and multiple generations of employees.

This does not translate well to successfully navigating the future hybrid workplace model.

So, what is the key leadership skill that’s going to help you, and those you lead, evolve to become better leaders of the future?

It’s learning fundamental coaching skills so that you become a more coach-like leader.

Effective leaders are coaches, not bosses

Your survival instincts may kick might feel like you’ve got to rein in every member of your team so that everyone stays on track.

But, I can tell you that in my 20+ years of working with leaders and teams, the most influential leaders know and understand the power of being more coach-like.

Every member of your team has leadership abilities. When you pay attention to that potential and encourage your employees to take the initiative, to stretch their leadership muscles, your entire team will benefit.

But how do you and others in your organization become more coach-like? How can you better navigate the hybrid workplace?

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The Evolutionary Coach…a sneak preview

It’s imperative that your leadership style evolves, that you shift from a “command & control” style of management to a coaching style that elevates everyone’s performance.

My new asynchronous video course called The Evolutionary Coach: Coaching Fundamentals to Help Leaders Become More Coach-Like will become available to organizations in September 2021.

I’ve created a unique opportunity for leaders who wish to access The Evolutionary Coach Course before its public launch. You can work directly with me as you move through the ten chapters.

This is a one-time opportunity this year to learn and practice the 8-Step Evolutionary Coach Method with my support…and learn how this course can be applied in your organization to create more coach-like leaders and a coaching culture.

If you’d like to join me, here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Evolutionary Coach Course (Lifetime Personal Access). This course is derived from my popular half-day workshop that thousands of leaders have taken. It includes:

    • 32 practical, informative, and actionable videos – all less than 10 minutes each – for a total of 4.5 hours of learning.

  • The Evolutionary Coach Workbook, a resource you’ll be able to keep and refer back to as you and your team adapt to the new work environment.

  • Five 60-minute live, virtual coaching pod sessions, facilitated by me, where we’ll practice the content from the course and learn how to apply it in your organization. Yes, you'll be practicing hands-on coaching! This is the best way to internalize the lessons you’ll be learning.

It’s the role of every leader to innovate, inspire and deliver results. This new course will help you on the leadership journey as you adapt to the hybrid workplace.

Great leaders aren’t born; they’re made

I believe that every member of your team has leadership qualities, and they can shine if they’re given a chance.

With this new blend of working from home and in the office becoming the “new normal,” it’s an excellent time to empower your employees and inspire them to lead.

I invite you to learn the coach method of leadership and watch the engagement and performance of your team reach new heights.

Would you like to learn more about my coaching and culture solutions? Then, contact me, and we’ll get the conversation started.

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