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Don't Be a Victim

When things go wrong in your life, you’re responsible. I know that sounds harsh, but trust me, when you look at life this way you can take control.

Rather than focusing on the external factors that contribute to your problems, you should zero in on what you can actually change: you.

When a goal is missed, own it. Figure out what you need to do next time to get a better result and move forward.

Sure, there were likely other people involved in your mishap, but blaming them won’t make you a better #leader. It will cause you to feel helpless and frustrated. It will make others see you as a victim or a complainer.

If you notice that your mind is sometimes consumed with thoughts of what other people have done wrong or how other people need to change, let this be a major warning bell for you.

This expenditure of mental energy will lead you nowhere.

Honestly assess whether or not you own your failures.

When was the last time you acknowledged a shortcoming?

Being accountable for your own actions will strengthen your character, and could be a valuable learning experience for you.

Companies that have licensed Lisa’s Leadership Programs have seen great results when it comes to developing leaders. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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