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Why Conversation Is The Key To Keeping Your Best People

At the heart of any thriving relationship is the ability to #communicate with one another.

Ongoing conversation allows for all thoughts and feelings to be put out in the open. After all, communication is the key to success.

Often an employee's decision to leave a company comes as a surprise to the employer. This is a sign of a lack of communication. Perhaps if more one-on-one conversations had occurred, the employee's grievances could have been resolved, and their job satisfaction restored.

Avoid losing your best people by scheduling one-on-one check-in meetings. Give your people some face time to share their thoughts on a regular basis. This will strengthen the relationship and show that you value them as an important part of the team.

The best way to know if your employees are happy is simple: just ask them.

Not sure what you should talk about?

Engaging your people in regular conversation will give you full transparency when it comes to gaging their overall job satisfaction. Ask them open-ended questions, and reassure them that their answers will be kept in confidence.

Here are some thought-starters to help you start the conversation:

  • ask about a challenge they have recently faced

  • ask about a recent accomplishment they'd like to share

  • ask for feedback on how you're doing as a leader/company

  • provide feedback on how you think they're doing performance-wise (and be specific, including both positive reinforcement and areas that could be improved)

Having frequent and open conversations with your team will keep them engaged and productive.

It comes down to this: regardless of how great your product or service may be, if there's a lack of communication in the workplace, your best people will leave. Keep the conversation flowing, and your best people just may stick around!

Companies that have licensed Lisa’s Leadership Programs have seen great results when it comes to employee engagement. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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