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Embrace Fear

Here’s an interesting note on human nature.

People tend to stay the same unless they believe they have more to gain than lose by changing.

That’s why people stay in unhealthy relationships or careers they find unsatisfying. It’s why some people are always cooking up a grand new scheme, but never actually implement it.

More often than not, people give into fears far too easily, worried about what they might lose by going a new direction. Fear plays on the mind, occupying space.

It’s wise to actively evaluate your choices based on the questions: ‘What have I got to lose?’ and ‘What have I got to gain?’ You’re likely to make bolder, braver decisions because this forces you to give airtime to the positive side of the equation.

Make sure you note how all of your possible gains become losses if you don’t pursue the change.

Case in point: let’s say you have a secret, untapped passion for art. Do you make room in your frantic life for an art class once a week? Your mind instantly populates with downsides: you’ll have less free time, there might be homework, you might hate the class, you might be the worst student … on and on.

But what might you gain? You might open up new channels of creativity. Art might become an integral part of your life. You might meet fascinating people. You might feel energized.

The way you handle this kind of decision is indicative of how you live your life. Do you forsake major possible gains to give into minor fears?

If so, start letting yourself take smart risks more often. Eventually, through trial and error, you’ll gain crucial self-awareness, allowing you to design a life you love. And you’ll collect some intriguing anecdotes along the way.

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