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Collaboration Reality-Check

I want you to ask yourself, ‘How collaborative am I, really?’

Competition is so ingrained that it can be hard to let it go even with your colleagues. This isn’t surprising. Your competitive spirit is part of the reason you’ve arrived at the executive level to begin with.

But it has its time and place. To be an excellent executive, you need to know when to keep your competitiveness in check and let a collaborative perspective take over.

Think about how you interact with people inside your company. On average, are you more collaborative or more competitive with others?

If any of these statements feel even just a bit true for you, there’s probably more beneath the surface. You don’t need to dampen your competitive spirit, you just need to use it strategically.

Your ability to impact the company’s bottom line will grow exponentially when you start viewing yourself as a captain of the greater team, not just your direct reports.

As you adopt this position more, you’ll be able to tune into new opportunities for cross-pollination, feeding innovation, and market agility.

Companies that have licensed Lisa’s LEAD ADVANCED program have seen great results when it comes to developing leaders who are collaborative. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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