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3 Ways to Be More Persuasive

Your voice is one of the most potent tools you possess.

You can be visionary, brilliant, and skilled, but if you can’t convince others to support your mission, you won’t #thrive. Simple as that.

I cringe when I see people use their voices aggressively, but I know it’s because they don’t understand the arts of discourse and persuasion. They think power only comes in the form of intimidation…passive or aggressive. They’re trying to strong-arm their way to success.

Taking an argumentative posture is the opposite of influencing. It’s certainly a path, but it’s not one I recommend.

Instead I suggest you use your voice far more judiciously. Here are three tips for advancing your persuasiveness:

  1. Everything starts with listening. When you truly hear the other person’s view, you can see where there are common goals. You can find middle ground. And you can overcome objections.

  2. Never raise your voice or use an irritated tone. You’ve lost the race the moment this happens. If you find yourself growing irritated, take a breath. In fact, take several. If you can’t speak with calmness and compassion, reschedule the conversation.

  3. Notice what’s in it for the other person. How will they benefit from your plan coming to fruition? Or, how can you support them with something they want to bring to life?

Experiment with the power of persuasion.

Leaders who work with Lisa as their executive leadership coach have seen great results when it comes to improving their listening skills. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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