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What’s Your Theme?

Ever since I began executive coaching I’ve asked my clients to choose a theme for the coming year. I’m going to ask you to do the same.

Over the years my clients have picked all manner of themes including ‘creating community’, ‘power’, ‘dialing back’, ‘authentic passion’, and ‘calm and quiet’.

What is a theme, you may be asking right now. Your theme is your big picture focus for the year ahead. I like to think of it as a personal mission statement.

Having an annual theme works. It connects all of your intentions into a single word or phrase. The simplicity of this is potent. It allows you to focus your priorities and actions.

When a new idea or opportunity arises you can say to yourself, ‘Does this align with my theme?’ And then it’s your choice how you respond.

I’ve personally found that continually making choices that align with my annual theme keeps me on track. I tend to have a more meaningful, purposeful year that brings me to my intended life destination.

This year my life theme is ‘give’. I wish to continually practice gratitude for all that I have in my life now and make the space to allow more of what matters most to me to flow into my life. To me ‘give’ means taking the time to give to others whether they need my time, emotional support, connections or help solving a problem. It means paying it forward, consciously and consistently.

In other words, what's your focus for the year ahead. Not quite sure yet? Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What do I desire for my leadership and life this year?

  2. Which of my strengths will I tap into to achieve what matters most to me?

  3. What will I need to let go of to achieve what I truly desire?

  4. How will I foster my personal and professional well-being (think mind, body, spirit)?

  5. How will I make each day this year count?

Now finish this statement … ‘This will be the year of _________________.'

Post your theme so you can view it easily. You want to remind yourself of your focus for the year. And do something (small or large) each day to move you toward your chosen destination.

Want to craft your theme? Grab your worksheet and video recording from the Coaching For Female Leaders App.


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