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What Energizes You?

Vitality doesn’t just happen. It has specific, identifiable sources.

If you want to feel vital, you need to know your energy sources and feed your personal energy system. It’s that straightforward.

What things in life give you energy? It’s different for everyone. For some people, socializing gives them a tremendous boost. They leave a party feeling alive and bursting with vitality.

Others find it draining, even though they adore their family and friends.

Observe your patterns closely. I’ve found that many people are surprised

by what they discover. Maybe they think watching TV (for example) is relaxing and restorative. But when they pay attention to how they feel afterward,

they discover their energy is depleted.

This doesn’t mean they should never watch TV. It just means they need to balance it with endeavours that will replenish their energy.

Make a list of things that boost your energy and keep it close by at all times. To get your ideas flowing, here are just a handful of common activities to consider. Do any of these feed your vitality?

Need to boost your vitality? Check out Lisa’s book 6 Practices to Master the Art of Thriving.


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