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The X-Factor: Do You Have It?

Leadership #presence matters. It's called many different things: magnetism, charisma, commanding the room, etc.

When I coach clients, I get this question all the time: why do some people have ‘it' and some people seem not to?

Why do some come to dominate a room and others slink back into it?

I put it down to the fact that those folks possess the X-Factor. People with it seem to achieve more, and people without it seem to be frustrated and feel unseen at work.

Do you have the X-Factor?

Take this quick assessment and find out.

How true is each for you?

  1. If I asked 10 random people around my office, they would say that they genuinely enjoy working with me.

  2. If I asked 10 random people around my office, they would say they respect me.

  3. When challenged, I stand my ground without becoming emotional or frustrated.

  4. After speaking events or meetings, people make a point of coming over to talk to me, offering praise and support.

  5. I don't need to work hard to get people to support my projects or collaborate with me. They do so enthusiastically.

  6. When I come up with a big idea, I get buy-in from the executive team quickly and easily.

  7. People from other departments often seek my advice and opinion on things.

If 6 or 7 of these statements feel very true for you, you've got the X Factor and it's working for you in spades. You can continue to develop it and the rewards will be even greater.

If 5 or fewer of these statements are true, remember that presence can be acquired. You don't need to be born with it, and in fact, most people aren't.

You don't need to change your personality to gain the X-Factor – you need to work on substance, style, communication, relational authenticity, and situational agility.

Leaders who work with Lisa as their executive leadership coach have seen great results when it comes to improving their presence. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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