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The Brass Tacks: Leadership Equals Results

I’ve heard people equate leadership with strategic thinking, or motivational skills, or a visionary mind. All of these things are fabulous, but none of them is the defining element of leadership.

Leadership, very simply, is about results. Can you get the results you say you’re going to get? Can you get the results people expect from you?

If not, nothing else really matters.

Now, I’m not saying get results at any cost. I’m not Machiavelli. Without question, you want to be a leader with integrity and values. I’m just saying if there are no results, it’s all for naught.

When I coach people on improving their leadership skills, I always talk about ‘knowing your results.’ I see so many talented people exhausting themselves with too many ill-defined projects and commitments. The end of a quarter comes along and although they’ve worked their butts off, they’re hard-pressed to explain what they’ve accomplished.

To be a great leader, you need to get uber-smart about what you’re taking on and then go above and beyond what’s expected. Soon you will be known for what you’ve achieved every quarter, every year. That’s how you build a strong leadership brand.

Leaders who work with Lisa as their executive leadership coach have seen great results when it comes to maximizing their results. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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