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Start a Rejuvenation Program

Everyone needs time and space for rejuvenation and personal growth. This is common sense. It’s how we maintain vitality…a zest for life.

So, why do so many people neglect to take the time?

Lack of capacity is the biggest reason. It stems from a belief the world, as you know it, will end if you take time for rest and reflection. Projects will come to a screeching halt, colleagues will wander aimless and confused through your office corridors, family and friends will freak out en masse.

It’s helpful to let go of the idea that giving yourself time to rejuvenate is somehow a disservice to society. This is a myth that has led many people to the dark, dismal corner of the universe known as burnout. Do not follow in their footsteps.

You’re human. You need breathing room to pursue new thinking, process information, and make needed changes in yourself. If it takes every ounce of your energy to just get through the day, you’ll never find breathing room. You’ll never evolve.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is simply to schedule in rejuvenation time. I mean that literally. Pull up your calendar and schedule in time for workouts, walks in nature, journaling, spa days, weekend getaways, meditation, hiking…whatever restores you.

I have a client who scheduled monthly massages on her calendar and another who allotted weekly playground time with his son.

Inevitably I see the same results again and again. When people make downtime a true priority, their stress level visibly drops. Their sense of ease comes back, along with their sense of humor and focus on thriving.

Next thing you know, they’re making decisions more swiftly. Tensions ease at home and work.

Schedule at least four components of your rejuvenation program into your calendar.

Now, treat your rejuvenation program with the same importance that you give to other commitments. If you don’t take it seriously and you constantly postpone these vital activities, your capacity for life will suffer.

If your rejuvenation program is really humming, you’ll capacity for life will expand. You’ll be more clear-headed, productive, and energized.

Need to build a rejuvenation plan. Check out Lisa’s book Lead.


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