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Notice Your Energy Effect

What happens when you walk into a room?

Everyone brings their personal energy to meetings, conference calls and interviews – every business encounter.

Some people have the magical effect of raising the energy level in a room. When they’re around, people are a little lighter. There’s more ease around the table. Problems seem to be resolved quickly and differences of opinion are pleasantly civil.

Other people bring energy down when they walk into a room. The mood becomes heavier or more serious. Conversations have less flow. There’s an air of resistance floating about that causes people to get bogged down. Working together feels like a slog.

It’s not your responsibility to set the mood everywhere you go. But you are accountable for what you contribute to energy dynamics.

Are you someone who contributes to flow and ease? Or are you someone who contributes to heaviness and resistance?

Tune into your trend. If you discover you’re bringing a heavy, serious energy wherever you go, make a conscious effort to shift that. Show up to situations with the intention of bringing ease and flow.

Companies that have licensed Lisa’s Leadership Programs have seen great results when it comes to developing leaders with a can-do attitude. Perhaps this is the next step for you?


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