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Know Your Vitality Leaks

Vitality leaks are probably sucking essential life-force energy from your body and mind. Right now.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to quit your job, not because you don’t enjoy the work you do, but because the thought of your half-finished projects and impending deadlines is overwhelming?

A long list of unfinished tasks at home or work is a major vitality leak. As proof, just consider that lovely jolt of energy you get when you heroically cross a task of your list. That’s you claiming some of your energy back.

Other common leaks are disorganization, clutter, regret, guilt, dissatisfaction and tough conversations you keep delaying.

You know when you open way too many programs on your computer and forget to close the ones you’re not using anymore? Those unused programs are just there, sucking up your computer’s resources, bogging it down. Your vitality leaks are doing this to your personal energy system.

If you want more vitality, take a hard look at what your stressors are and start eliminating as many as you can from your life.

You will likely never have a life absent of all vitality leaks, but that’s not the point. The point is to manage and eliminate as many as possible.

Without question you’ll notice a difference in your vitality level, allowing more energy to create and live the beautiful life you want.

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