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Expand Your Sense of Possibility

There are a million directions you can take your life and career. Is anything stopping you from seeing your possibilities?

Having a vibrant sense of possibility changes everything. It puts your current situation into a bigger perspective, and a spark of enthusiasm in your heart. Possibility is why children are so full of hope and energy.

Too many adults let their sense of possibility erode. We’re conditioned to think adults should be practical above all else.

So take a good, long look in the mirror. Are you limiting your life for the sake of practicality? If so, how will you feel about that at the end of the road?

Someone with a healthy sense of possibility has an inherent belief they can accomplish things in life. When new ideas or tasks arise out of the blue, they respond with a sense of curiosity and willingness. When a problem happens, they shift calmly to resolution-mode. A sense of possibility replaces feelings of dread, burden and complexity that often go hand-in-hand with adulthood.

So, what’s your possibility level? Check out the following statements. Are any of these true for you?

  1. I generally feel other people aren’t as realistic as me.

  2. When I assess opportunities, I tend to see more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’.

  3. I don’t see the point of taking a risk when there’s a safe bet.

  4. It’s best to stick with my proven way of doing things.

  5. I find that life has a way of slowly beating you down over time.

If any of these statements ring true for you, your possibility level needs a boost. It’s time to shake up your way of thinking. You’re in a rut or headed for one.

As you go about your week, make a concerted effort to look beyond current assumptions about your life and career. Turn those assumptions upside down…imagine they don’t limit you at all. You will probably need to release some pessimism to get past your current beliefs about yourself and your possibilities. Go ahead. Get out of your own way.

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